"Anyone who's tasted the pleasure of creative work, all other pleasures cease to exist."
Anton Chehov
Intellectual property (IP) is used very often in the modern world. Therefore, even if your business does not create IP, you probably use it often.
Protection of intellectual property
  • Trademarks and copyright registration, including international
  • Patenting of inventions, industrial designs in Ukraine and abroad
  • Drafting of license agreements, agreements on the transfer (alienation) of intellectual property rights
  • Advice on IP rights including software
  • Protection of intellectual property rights in negotiation and litigation 
IP audit for business:

You will get a thorough understanding of your intellectual property and ways to use it effectively.

Our specialists will:

  • identify your IP;
  • check the title documents or the patentability of the IP;
  • check the documents of the origin of IP rights;
  • determine whether the IP is accounting properly;
  • assess the risks related to  IP rights;
  • check to breach the rights of third parties.
Logic Law experts can provide you with advice on the registration and protection of intellectual property right now.