Logic Law - a new legal team providing reasonable, flexible and client-focused services

Our goals

Cooperation with small and medium businesses. Developing optimal solutions, not bloated bills.

Our strengths

You deserve high-quality service at a reasonable price. To ensure this, we abandoned expensive offices and overstaffing. We are «out of the box» lawyers and motivated to form friendly relations with our clients.

Our principles

Lawyer for the company


  • Transparent pricing
  • Contact 24/7
  • Locations for meetings at the client's choice
  • GreenClient program for those who care about the environment
  • Free consultation for small and medium businesses


We simplify everything we can, but not the quality of services. And we are constantly learning because we just like it.

Client's comfort

You have a lot of things to do and you don’t have to give them up to visit our office. We appreciate personal communication, but most of the issues can be agreed by e-mail, phone or in instant messengers. 

Priority of client interests

The main goal of our services is to make your business profitable, reliable and self-sufficient.

To do this, we thoroughly research how your business works.


Logic Law adopts technologies to be closer to the client. We stay in touch with our clients via Skype, Google Drive, Dropbox, Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram so on.

Transparent pricing

We agree with client terms and procedures of payment.

Proficient services should cost accordingly, but clients don’t pay for our fancy offices and golden pens.


We do not guarantee the success of your case. However, we provide adequacy of our work. And always ready to return the money if you were provided with poor-quality services.